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Our Services

Repairing and refurbishing all types of trolley

  • 1 trolley before and after our services
  • 2 trolley before and after our services
  • 3 trolley before and after our services
  • 4 dot com trolley before our services
  • 5 dot com trolley after our services

Trolley Maintenance

Our fleet of purpose built “Mobile Workshops” vehicles enable us to provide comprehensive on-site maintenance. Each are fully equipped with extensive stock of spare parts and essential maintenance equipment to accommodate all your trolley maintenance and hygiene requirements.

All carry power supplies, welding equipment and pressure washers on board. The on-site work will not interfere with your customers or the normal stores routine. Our smaller vans are available for stores with access difficulties to the loading bays.

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • PPM and Ad-hoc
  • Car Park evaluation
  • Fleet reporting
  • Health and Safety compliant
  • Rust removal and re-plating

Taking your failed unusable trolleys back to full serviceable condition, extending the life of your assets, reducing costs and lowering your carbon foot print.

Trolley Logistics

Moving assets between locations plus allowing for seasonal requirements are our speciality.

Our specialist modern double deck trailers can carry circa 650 trolleys in one load for maximum efficiency.

Utilising full height tail lifts enable the driver to unload and deliver without assistance.

  • Non-disruptive collection and delivery
  • Asset management
  • Peak seasonal requirement
  • Under cover storage
  • Fleet management technology

K J Pike - Delivering your assets to the correct location on time.

Trolley Transport

Our modern fleet includes a range of large Specialist Trucks with “Euro 5 & 6” “best in class” emissions and double deck Trailers for transporting up-to 650 trolleys in a single load, working across the whole of the UK. This enables lower cost handling. To complement these larger vehicles we have a range of trucks / trailers / vans to affect deliveries to any size business.

RecycleProtecting the Environment

Protecting the environment and recycling are part of our working philosophy.

Eco-friendly solutions in utilising a refurbishing and remanufacturing processes reduces imports, lower CO2 emissions (fuel miles), protects UK employment.

Our usage of harmful chemicals has been reduced in favour of bio-degradable wherever possible.

In managing and moving customers assets our modern Mercedes Benz trucks are best in sector with "Euro 5 & 6" emissions.

In our commercial industry, we activity endeavour to recycle and reuse to the highest degree, protecting the environment for future generations.