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About Us

The leading trolley maintenance provider in the UK.

As the leading trolley maintenance provider, K J Pike and Sons Ltd have been established since 1976 and have experience in responding cost efficiently to the demands of the customer. Working closely with international trolley manufacturers and utilising our own experienced and fully trained engineers together with in house professional personnel, we are able to offer the ultimate service package nationwide.

Complying fully with all Health and Safety standards, our aim is to offer careful attention to detail and service to the very highest standards. This philosophy has earned us an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability of service.

Total service package for all types of Customer, Specialist and DIY trolleys.

Our 4.5acre site is the largest in our industry, with over 75,000sq ft of on-site warehousing offering trolley storage for 130,000 units.

  • 1 trolley park
  • 2 trolley storage
  • 3 trolleys outside one of our units

  • Dotcom, Customer, Stock
  • Cage and Tetretainer
  • Aircraft and Access Ladders
  • Trolley Security Systems
  • Mobility Equipment - Manual and Electric
  • Pump Trucks
  • Storage facilities
  • Transportation

Repairing and refurbishing all types of trolley

Our fleet of purpose built vehicles enable us to provide comprehensive on-site maintenance.

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